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Soil to Table Event Zurich Restaurant KLE.png

Often times, we are disconnected from the origins of our food. On Wednesday October 11th we hosted our third "Soil to Table" with the topic around "Migration".

The evening was different from the usual KLE evenings as our guests shared the table through a 7-course menu with wine pairing full of taste and passion.

Through the menu, we presented the work of Salvador Garibay, one of our closest suppliers who grows South American products in Switzerland, and Jordi Arnan, co-owner of Celler Pardas, a winery in the heart of Penedès, Spain.

Last year, we initiated the "Soil to Table" series with the intention of discussing topics close to our hearts here at KLE, such as food origins, produce, seasonality, and now, migration.

Every once in a while we join forces with a producer and farmer and we host a special dinner. They supply the produce and wines, and our team creates the recipes and pairing. Throughout the dinner, we focus on a topic that’s important to achieve a more sustainable world.

Jordi Arnan


Salvador Garibay

These evenings are entirely dedicated for you to have the opportunity of enjoying our creations together with the masters behind the raw materials.

You also have the chance to hear about the challenges our producers face on a day to day base and the philosophy behind their work.

In every Soil to Table we host different local farmers & wineries close to our heart.

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