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Often times, we are disconnected from the origins of our food. On Thursday the 24th of November we will host "Soil to Table" which aims to give a closer look into how the food we eat is produced.

This event will be hosted by our General Manager Amona and we will have two special guests, Hoss Hauksson from Hauksson Wines and Samuel Bähler from Slow Grow.  

Zizi has created a 7-course menu which we’ll pair with wines from Hauksson, including the very limited edition “Fungal Attack”.

For Hoss Hauksson, regenerative farming means using Biodynamic wine making methods in his fields.

This includes, but is not limited to, using minimalist methods, growing flowers and herbs in his vineyards and allowing his dwarf sheep to roam freely to break up the soil in his vineyards.


Hoss Hauksson

Hauksson Weine


Samuel Bähler

Slow Grow

Sam from Slow Grow has fields that are used as “petri dishes” to experiment with growing indigenous herbs and veggies.

Slow Grow are also developing machines that have soft and non-invasive effects on the soil. Here we understand and see how important the soil is to these producers and their end product. 

Amona, Hoss and Sam will talk about their philosophies and create an open space for discussion and learning.

Please follow the link to make a reservation for the event on November 24th:

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